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Facilities of KPD Shikshan and Prashikshan College

  • Our Library is the biggest and the best among inter colleges in Agra. It has over 16 thousand books for references and study purpose. Apart from books it has periodicals encyclopedia and other reference works to support and satisfy the needs of the students and staff.
  • Sports Facility.
  • The College - Varied eatables like burgers, patties, chips, biscuits, cold drinks, sandwiches are available but of course the most popular is the pt. kashi’s special bun samosa.
  • Our air-conditioned computerised music room is equipped with the latest software and musical instruments, it can serve as a veritable studio where recording, audio and video, of all programmes is possible.
  • The College has four computer laboratories accessible to students . The Laboratories have advanced infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software.
  • Health Care center also available at college campus.
  • vehicle Stand is available.