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Rules & Regulations of KPD Shikshan and Prashikshan College

  • Students are responsible for their conduct not only in the schools, but also outside the college make them liable for disciplinary action, because such conduct would endanger the good name of the College.
  • Any kind damage done to the College property must be made good/compensated.
  • No newspapers, periodicals, mobile phones, other electronic items etc. are to be brought to the College.
  • No collection of any sort is to be made without the explicit permission of the Principal.
  • Gifts to the members of the staff, or other expressions in their honor, are not allowed.
  • Students must speak English in the campus.
  • All students must possess a copy of the College calendar and it is to be brought it the College on all working days.
  • Late-comers and absentees will not be admitted without a proper explanation in writing from the parents.
  • Students must participate in the daily assembly.
  • Leave of Absence will be granted for genuine reasons if applied by the parents in advance.
  • Students are not allowed to visit the Staff Rooms, expect with the permission of the teachers.
  • Fines will be imposed by the Principal or the staff for irregularity, indiscipline, damage to the College property, improper uniform, violation of Motor – Rules etc.
  • Students are not to leave the College premises during school hours, without the written permission of the Principal / Vice – Principal / Head Mistress.
  • Students are not excused from games and physical activities without a written note from a qualified doctor; on the other hand they are highly encouraged to come for games every evening, and also to take par in cultural and sports competitions.